Championship Title Belts | Superior Quality | Bold Features

Our championship belts feature vivid color logos, emblems and images that are each custom made for the specific title belt. We offer a diverse assortment of hand crafted belt shapes, each one brandishing unique bold features and unmatched superior quality. Celebrate the thrill of achievement, or taste of victory with a championship title belt at an affordable price.


    Make your gathering memorable with a championship title belt just for the occasion. Great for gifts that are unique and moments that are unforgettable.


    Make your own championship belt. Create a title belt that is one of a kind and rare. Design everything from the shape of the plates to the artwork on the plates.

What separates Brigade Belts championship title belts from others?

Our custom built championship title belts are built with the most durable and highest quality metal, guaranteed to last generations. Our plates are build with solid metals and the highest grade of steel. We refuse to cut corners and cost by casting our plates with soft inexpensive aluminum or metals.

Non-Generic Custom Championship Title Belts

Brigade Belts provides custom built championship belts, handcrafted with bold features and eccentric attributes at affordable prices. Made with top tiered raw materials, our belts are crafted in the heartland of the United States of America.

Gold has always been the symbol and element of superiority. We have chosen to honor the tradition of using real gold on our custom championship title belts. Our Gold series belts are electroplated with real 8 karat gold, and polished to a stunning shine. Each title belt we offer is guaranteed to be unique compared to other options in the world.  Every logo, emblem, image and decal associated with a championship belt is custom built by us. Resulting in championship belts of superior quality.

The best gifts usually are special and cherished, because of it's rarity and one of a kind uniqueness that cannot be acquired from a general store. That's what makes a championship belt from Brigade Belts the ultimate gift idea.