Custom Championship Belts - Superior Quality - Bold Features

Our custom championship belts feature vivid color logos, emblems and images that are each custom made for the specific title belt. We offer a diverse assortment of hand crafted shapes. Each one brandishing unique and bold features with unmatched superior quality. Celebrate the thrill of achievement, or taste of victory with a full size championship title belt at an affordable price.


    Make your own custom championship title. Create a one of a kind and rare championship prize. Design everything from the shape of the plates to the artwork on the plates.


    Make your gathering memorable with a championship title belt just for the occasion. Great for gifts that are unique and moments that are unforgettable.


    Custom championship belt templates with your logos, images and text. Title belt choices with classic shapes to Revolutionary modern designs.

  • Money Belt | Specialty Series


  • Tag Team Belts | Maverick Series


  • World Champion | Outlaw Series


  • Gold Plates | Custom Belts


  • Silver Plates | Custom Belts


  • Full Custom Belt Build


What separates Brigade Belts championship title belts from others?

Our custom championship belts are built with the most durable, and highest quality metal. Guaranteed to last generations. Our plates are build with solid metals and the highest grade of steel, and the complete championship title is a universal full size fit for anyone. We refuse to cut corners and cost by casting our plates with soft inexpensive aluminum or metals.

  • Real 8 Karat Gold Plating

    We believe champion status is similar to a royal status. The title of being a champion represents being the best, and at the pinnacle of the class. In the case of raw elements, that would not be brass. We refuse to cut corners and cost by using fake gold (brass) to imitate the color of gold. All of our plates are electroplated with real gold. They are then sealed with a clear protective layer, locking in the paint colors and gold plating for a superior quality look that will last generations.

  • Ethical Belt Strap Material

    Our championship title straps have been overhauled and we are proud to bring this innovation to our customs. Through years or testing and searching materials, we have created a belt strap that is similar in look and properties of real leather. Our new straps offer the same look and feel of traditional championship title straps. Now Included are snap boxes around the buttons, border carving around the edges, and we can even carve out your logo or signature on the belt strap for a completely custom and personalized strap. We refuse to use cheap imported animal hides from countries that have no basic human rights or animal right. Instead, we choose to innovate with high standards and bold features.

  • Non-Generic Championship Title Belts

    Brigade Belts provides full size custom built championship belts, handcrafted with bold features and eccentric attributes at affordable prices. Made with top tiered raw materials, our championships are crafted in the heartland of the United States of America.

    Gold has always been the symbol and element of superiority. We have chosen to honor the tradition of using real gold on our custom championship title belts. Our Gold series belts are electroplated with real 8 karat gold, and polished to a stunning shine. Each title belt we offer is guaranteed to be unique compared to other options in the world.  Every logo, emblem, image and decal associated with a championship belt is custom built by us. Resulting in championship belts of superior quality.

    The best gifts usually are special and cherished, because of it's rarity and one of a kind uniqueness that cannot be acquired from a general store. That's what makes a custom championship belt from Brigade Belts the ultimate gift idea.

  • No Risk Purchases with Quick Refund Protection

    We understand it can be a difficult decision making a purchase without knowing how your belt will turn out. Or if we can even get that design you are visioning. We want to help ease you mind with the decision to get a custom championship belt from us.

    We will always offer a full 100% quick refund if we cannot get your belt vision put on a mock up rendering. Your money will never be at risk making the decision to get a custom championship belt from us.

    We have never had a great customer of ours, need a refund due to us not being able to design the belt you want. We have many years experience designing graphics and vectors. Most of the time, we end up rebuilding images uploaded for an order.

    We appreciate the business and work our customers have given us. In return, we approach the project with dedication, and put no certain time limits on getting your logos or images perfect. We always go above and beyond with files provided. Ensuring all of the images on your belt are crystal clear, never fuzzy, or choppy with pixels. All of your images and logos will be made into vectors. The smoothest and clearest file type available. We believe by putting the extra effort in your belt, the results will be amazing and we will earn your trust for projects you may have come up in the future.

  • Elite Craftsmanship

    Individually hand build and made for you. Our attention to detailing and craftsmanship is top priority with you in mind.

  • Superior Quality

    Made with the highest quality metal plates. Electroplated with real 8-karat gold or chrome silver plating that will sparkle for a lifetime, and never dull like inferior alternatives made of brass.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    We are fully committed to your satisfaction. Your trust in us is matched with our 100% satisfaction return policy, no questions asked.

  • Free Shipping

    Shipping is on us. Free for all United States purchases. Quicker shipping services and International shipping available at checkout.