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World Champion Belt - Renegade Series - Gold

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Brigade Belts Gold FeaturesThe Renegade Series World Championship Belt is a budget friendly option for those seeking to be crowned the champion. This sparkling gold belt provides the authentic, professional look of a world champion with its emboldened, metallic accents. Wear it with pride.

Belt Strap Details

Length = 52" Inches

Thickness = 0.25" Inches

Size = With several button rows it fits anyone from a waste size 26- 46 width pants size.

Plate Dimensions

Main-Plate (Center)

Height = 8.5" Inches

Width = 7.25" Inches

Side-Plates (Smaller Plates)

Height = 5.0" Inches

Width = 4.25" Inches

Plates Thickness =2MM

Cleaning Instructions

For Lifetime Excellent Quality:

Always Use - A Micro Fiber Towel (Cloth used to clean Eye Glasses). And clean with Isopropyl Alcohol. (Excellent for removing fingerprints and preserving paint colors and plating). Or a light soapy water

Avoid Using - Cleaning Waxes, Polishes, Dish Rags, Bathing Towels, Paper Towels

Shipping & Returns

United States:

-Free UPS Ground Shipping (2-3 business days)

-Express Overnight Shipping available at checkout.


- UPS Flat Rate Price $60 per Belt

RETURNS: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase we offer a 100% full refund return.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Johnathan Sanders
It’s a very unique and beautiful looking title.

It took a bit longer than i expected with it already being made but otherwise, it took less time than a custom made one. This is my third title from you guys. 2 customs and one like this, very beautiful work and made my ideas come to life, I’d love to open a TikTok and review all the ones you guys have because this kind of shops is one of a kind and more eyes should be on it. Thank you and have a good day.

Brian Peterson

I'm really happy with my belt. It looks awesome. The blue color used in the art pops like crazy. There are a couple of spots where the top coat gloss pooled up a little bit, but it's not very noticable. A great product for the money.

Rick Matthias

Amazing belt especially for the price I will be ordering again real soon

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  • Quick Refund Protection

    We appreciate all of the business our great customers have given us. We also want to give you peace of mind when purchasing a championship belt from us.

    Any belt or item purchased from our store is guarded and protected with our Risk-Free / Quick Refund Protection Policy. Ensuring your purchase is never at risk. And in the event something were to happen where your belt was stolen after delivery, you received a wrong belt, or your custom championship belt design were to never be to your satisfaction. We have you covered.

  • Real Gold Belts

    Gold has always been the symbol and element of superiority. We have chosen to honor the tradition of using real gold on our custom championship title belts.

    Our Gold series belts are electroplated with real 8 karat gold, and polished to a stunning shine. Each title belt we offer is guaranteed to be unique compared to other options in the world.

  • Innovative & Ethical Straps

    We have declined to continue ancient and primitive championship belt standards of using a slaughtered animal hide. We are the FIRST and ONLY championship belt company to innovate in this area.

    We have produced a belt strap that looks and feels like traditional championship belt straps, but made of ethical materials. Our belts feature a luxury surface just like real leather, and also includes the standard championship belt features. Buttons, hand tooled border designs and snap boxes.


    Our belts are made with the highest quality metal. All our of plates are fabricated with only the best steel metal, guaranteed to last a lifetime. We refuse to cut corners and use inferior metals like aluminum.


    Each belt is individually hand build and made for you. Our attention to detailing and craftsmanship is top priority with you in mind.


    We are fully committed to your satisfaction. Your trust in us is matched with our 100% satisfaction return policy.